Your Easter Guide To Caravan Tyres

If you are getting your caravan out of storage this Easter, here is our Easter guide to caravan tyres.

Your Easter Guide To Caravan Tyres

If your caravan is new, you ought to be able to assume the specifications of the wheels and tyres are correct. The inflation pressure should be indicated in the handbook, and often on the wheel arch for convenience.

Many new caravans have a spare wheel, although this is not a legal requirement. If you have one, it should be of an equivalent specification to the others. If you to buy a spare separately, make sure both wheel and tyre are compatible with the originals. We strongly advise that you carry a spare wheel.

You cannot know the history of a second-hand caravan for sure. Assume the worst and check for signs of wear and tear. Many people prefer not to take chances and factor in the cost of replacing every tyre as a matter of course.

The most important thing to check is how old the tyres are. Even visually good tyres on a caravan with careful use and modest mileage may still need to be replaced due to their age.

When to replace caravan tyres

Caravans do a low annual mileage so the tread will rarely wear out before the tyre needs replacing due to age. All tyres deteriorate due to exposure to the atmosphere and sunlight, even if they are not used.

Caravan tyres suffer fatigue due to being stored for long periods of time without use – and that puts a strain on one part of the tyre if they are not rotated.

Caravan tyres need regular replacement, irrespective of their visual appearance. We recommend replacement at five years of age. Remember – that is five years from when the tyre was made, not when it was fitted.

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