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Yokohama Tyres Birkenhead

Tokyo’s Yokohama Rubber Company, Limited was established on October 13, 1917. The company is worth 38,909 million yen (that’s around £300 million). Its Chairman & CEO is Tadanobu Nagumo and its president is Masataka Yamaishi. Employing nearly 25,000 staff, the Yokohama tyre company’s net sales are in the region of 600,000 million yen (that is about £4,500 million!)

The History of Yokohama Tyres

The Yokohama Rubber Company was established as a joint venture between the Yokohama Electric Cable Manufacturing Company and U.S.-based tyre manufacturer BFGoodrich. The company’s first production facility was completed in 1919 and they began to produce belts, tyres and other rubber products using American manufacturing equipment. By 1921, they had branched out into their own corded tyres to reduce their reliance on imports from BFGoodrich.

Disaster struck in 1923 when the offices, factory and warehouses of the company’s home, Hiranuma Plant, were reduced to ashes by the Great Kanto Earthquake on September 1 st 1923. They bounced back, and by 1928 they had built a new, 6,500 square metre plant. Over the next decade the company expanded several times, and by the time of the second world war the company was producing tyres and tubes for aircraft.

In 1944 the plant was again destroyed, this time by US Bombing raids, but their technical research centre remained unscathed and the Yokohama tyre company again came back, this time adding the capability of producing foam rubber for train seats. The company rapidly grew, developing Japan’s first snow tyre and a range of radial car tyres. Export increased in the 1960s, allowing the company to become the global player it is today.

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