The Winter Ticklist from Car Clinic MOT Centre

As the days are getting shorter, road conditions are getting tougher. Making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, whether that’s for your daily commute or a Christmas getaway, is absolutely essential. To help you, Car Clinic MOT centre have created handy winter ticklist that will guide you through a series of key questions and considerations to help you to prepare for the cold weather.

Tick All The Boxes With The Car Clinic MOT Centre Winter Ticklist

Some examples of the questions we cover in the winter ticklist are:

  • Do I have a pair of sunglasses in the car (winter sun dazzle you)?
  • Is there an ice scraper and sufficient de-icer in the car?
  • Do I have a first aid kit, jump leads, boots, warning triangle and blanket in case of emergency?
  • Is my car insurance, MOT and road tax up to date?
  • Have I washed and waxed my car in order to protect it from a build-up of dirt and grime?
  • Is there a charger in the car to top-up my phone?
  • Is my satellite navigation system working properly?
  • Do I have a shovel in the boot in case I encounter thick snow?
  • How much tread is left on my tyres?
  • Should I consider fitting winter tyres
  • Are all of the tyres (including the spare tyre) at the correct pressure?
  • Are the brakes in good working condition?
  • When was the battery last changed?
  • Are the oil, brake, power steering and radiator fluids all topped up to the recommended levels?
  • Are all of the car’s lights working properly, including indicators, reversing and full-beams?
  • Do the wiper blades leave the front and rear screen clear and free of streaks?

You can download and print your copy of our winter ticklist here. Please do pass it on to your friends, family and colleagues. Stay safe this winter!

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