Winter Journey Tips

This winter is going to be as cold as ever, so to make sure that you stay safe and to keep your car in good condition, follow these winter journey tips…

Winter Journey Tips – Emergency Kit

Before the cold weather sets in, pull together some key items and pack them inside your car. You never know, you might need them!

  • Warm clothes and blankets –for you and your passengers
  • Sunglasses (the low winter sun is bright, especially when reflected off snow)
  • Ice scraper and a supply of de-icer
  • A torch – and spare batteries
  • A snow shovel
  • A set of jump leads
  • A pair of wellington boots
  • A first aid kit
  • A current road atlas (sat-navs can fail!)

Whenever you set out on a journey in the winter remember:

  • Any medication that you need to take regularly;
  • Food and a flask of hot drink

Is your car prepared for the winter?

You can check if your vehicle is winter-ready using our “POWDERY” checklist:

PETROL OR DIESEL – Have you enough to complete the journey? Do you know where you can fill the car up?

OIL – check your oil levels

WATER – check your radiator and screen wash

DAMAGE – check the wipers, lights etc. for wear and tear, and ensure all windows and lights have been cleared fully of ice or snow.

ELECTRICS – check your lights, indicators and controls are all working properly

RUBBER – are the tyres inflated properly, with plenty of tread. Are they free from any damage?

YOU – do you feel fit to drive? Are you taking medication that may make driving unsafe?

If you are travelling with a pet, make sure it is safe and secure or it could distract you or people travelling with you.

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