Winter Is Coming – Are Your Tyres Ready?

The days are starting to get shorter and shorter – not to mention colder – that’s right winter is coming so are your tyres ready? 

It is time that drivers started to think about fitting winter tyres to their cars. It is common knowledge for tyre fitters, but, surprisingly, the majority of members of the general public do not realise just how important it is to fit tyres designed for harsher colder weather. They are not just intended for extreme snowy and icy condition, but actually, they perform better than ordinary tyres in any conditions where the temperature regularly falls below 7° Celsius.

Winter Is Coming – Are Your Tyres Ready?

The Car Clinic MOT Centre range of Landsail Tyres is a great choice of affordable tyre for all drivers in the United Kingdom. It consists of three tyres: the Winter Lander, the Winter Star and the Snow Star.

The Winter Lander tyre is specifically designed for the PCR market. It is capable of delivering excellent performance in the coldest, snowy conditions. It has an advanced winter grip compound that gives it enhanced traction, a special V-shaped tread pattern that effectively evacuates water and slush, and snow traction grooves and sipes that give it superior bite in deep snow.

The second tyre, the Winter Star, is a very high-performance tyre which has been designed specifically to suit SUV and 4×4 vehicles. It is made from a scientifically formulated cold weather silica compound, with an advanced shoulder design and crafted 3D sipes. These features mean that the Winter Star tyre from Landsail offers vastly improved traction and braking performance – even in the depths of a UK winter.

Finally, for commercial vans, there is the Snow Star. This tyre delivers grip, durability and great performance. It excels in demanding conditions. It’s saw-tooth lateral grooves act to maximise grip force so it can maintain handling. The progressive shoulder design gives it robust traction in the corners.

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