Winter Driving Tips

Are you set for travelling in the winter weather this year? Breakdowns are much more common in the winter months, from a faulty battery to crashing on icy roads. Read our winter driving tips and stay safe on the roads this winter.

Winter Driving Tips

Here are some top winter driving tips that will prepare you for the worst this winter.

Select the right tyres

Cold weather tyres are an obvious solution to give you more grip and keep you safer during the winter months. If changing tyres twice a year is not affordable, you could invest in a set of snow chains or socks to attach to your wheels. These can easily be applied yourself and you can reuse them over several winters.

Check your lights, windows and mirrors

Rule 229 of the Highway Code says all lights, mirrors and windows on your vehicle must be clear before you set off. Your number plate has to also be visible, or you may get penalty points.

Give yourself extra space

On iced roads, stopping distances will be at least 10 times longer than dry roads in summer. Stay safer by travelling at a slower speed and leaving more room between vehicles.

Listen to traffic

If it is hard to see, mute the music and wind your windows down to hear traffic.

Do not forget spray

When it is raining, you will find that spray from other cars can affect your view. That is why it is very important to ensure your wipers work. If they smear, change them.

Watch out for pedal cyclists

While sensible cyclists have lights on in the dark mornings and evenings, there is still a possibility of a cyclist coming in your path. Reduce speed when you are in a low-lit area and double-check your blind spots always when moving off.

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