Winter Driving Myths

Winter Driving Myths

Let us separate some motoring facts from motoring fiction to help you to keep moving during the winter. Read our winter driving myths now to find out more…

Winter Driving Myths – Busted

As the winter sets in, it makes sense to go through some checks

Clearing the windscreen

Never pour hot water on frozen windscreens; it will make the glass crack. Instead, fit a frost cover the night before.

Tyre pressure

Reducing tyre pressure does not increase traction in icy weather. It could make things more dangerous.

Opening a frozen window

You can damage your electric window motors, trim and glass by trying to force frozen windows. De-icer is best.

Wiper blades

When your wiper blades wear out, don’t soak them in vinegar: replace them!

Clear snow

The police can give you a big fine if your car’s roof is covered in snow so clear it thoroughly before you set off.

Cold weather tyres

Cold weather tyres are not just for icy conditions – they are better than summer tyres whenever the temperature drops under 7 degrees C. The rubber is specially adapted for the winter and the tread pattern shifts water quicker, so you grip better.

Rear-wheel drive

You do not need to rule out driving a rear-wheel-drive car in the snow or ice. Snow chains or socks on the drive wheels significantly boost traction.

Do not dazzle

Driving with your lights on full beam will not help in snowfall. Fog lights can be used when visibility is reduced, but a dipped beam is usually sufficient to see and be seen. Do not dazzle other drivers.

Disconnecting your battery

Disconnecting your battery when the car is standing in the cold could do more harm than good as its alarm and computer memory still require some power. There is no simple solution to stop batteries losing charge in the cold, but you could keep it topped up using a trickle charger.

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