Will The Coronavirus Shutdown Affect My Car Warranty?

Will The Coronavirus Shutdown Affect My Car Warranty

Some people are concerned that their car warranty will be invalidated if they cannot get their car serviced during the coronavirus outbreak.

Will the Coronavirus Shutdown affect my car warranty?

In normal times, failing to have your car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines can invalidate your warranty. The time between services, ensuring that your garage uses the right approved parts and having all of the specified work carried out is very important. However, due to the current crisis situation, most experts believe that the usual rules will have to be altered to account for the fact many garages are closed down and non-essential use of cars is prohibited.

What About My MOT?

The government has announced that MOTs falling due while the lockdown is in progress can be delayed by six months. You still must keep your car roadworthy and will need to have your car MOT test done eventually, but you at least have a grace period before the MOT is required.

After the Lockdown

After the lockdown has ended, your local garage will be able to complete any service work or MOTs that are due and make sure your car is roadworthy. It is a good idea to have a general health check of your vehicle at this point, as the battery and other key components will have been allowed to stand for a long time and could be at greater risk of failure.

Car Clinic MOT Centre

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