Why You Should Upgrade Your Wiper Blades

Most of us do not spend much time thinking about wiper blades. They quietly go about their business and keeping your vision clear as you drive. But you notice when they start to wear down. If your wiper blades are due to be changed why not upgrade them at the same time?

Why You Should Upgrade Your Wiper Blades

Your upgrading options are dictated by the blades installed by the manufacturer on your car: If yours has traditional wiper blades, then you can upgrade from standard to flat blades. So, what are the benefits of flat blades?

Greater pressure

Flat blades sit lower down on the windscreen and apply more pressure to the glass. This means a better and more efficient wiping motion, and better visibility.

More aerodynamic

The flatter design not only means more contact points between blade and windscreen, but also less air resistance. This keeps the noise down at high speed.

Easy to fit

Normally, you can’t fit a flat blade onto a car that has standard wiper blades because their mechanisms are different. However, retrofit flat blades now make this viable. Many have integrated adaptors and are as easy to fit as a standard blade.

From flat to flat silicone

If your car came with flat blades, you can upgrade from flat to flat silicone blades. What are the benefits of flat silicone?

Longer lifespan

Silicone is a synthetic rubber that’s perfect for wiper blades because it’s durable, non-reactive,  and resistant to extreme temperatures. Flat silicone blades last twice as long as standard rubber.

Increased visibility

On a normal windscreen, water drops spread. On a windscreen with a hydrophobic coating, water drops remain in a bead-like form. This means greater visibility. Flat silicone blades apply a hydrophobic coating to your windscreen: simply run your wipers for five minutes on a dry windscreen and the coating will be applied. They will repair that coating while in use.

Netter wiping motion

The hydrophobic coating means your wiper blades will be smoother than natural rubber. They’ll glide across your windscreen, with no squeaking or juddering.

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