Rotating Tyres
You may have heard about rotating tyres, but what is it, and why does it matter?

Rotating Tyres

Because they are circular, tyres should only wear evenly, on the contact area. In reality, however, uneven wear is common. This shortens tread life and can cause vibration. Some of the causes of irregular wear are:

  • Driving style
  • Vehicle condition
  • Incorrect tyre pressures
  • Failure to rotate tyres

If all tyres wore evenly then they would not need to be rotated. However, if the tyres do not wear evenly then rotation every 7,500 miles can prolong their life. Care must be taken to maintain the correct rotational direction.

Tyre replacement

Tyres have a built-in tread wear indicator to show when the tread reaches the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Between four and six raised bars run across the main grooves and show the level at which the tyre needs to be replaced. If the tyres reach a low tread depth then they can not clear water quickly and could slip (or aquaplane) on a wet road.

If you only change two tyres

When changing only two tyres, it is generally recommended to fit the tyres with the most tread onto the rear axle – no matter whether your car is front, rear or four-wheel drive. Doing this gives more predictable handling under braking, as the car will tend to understeer in a more controllable way instead of oversteering into a skid. Loss of front grip is far easier for a driver to correct as it can be done by easing off the accelerator, whereas a rear-wheel skid can result in a total loss of control.

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