Why Do I Need Wheel Balancing?

Wheel Balancing
Here at Car Clinic MOT Centre we often get asked why do I need wheel balancing? Well, Wheel balancing is a process that helps to ensure the weight of the wheel stays even as it turns. Every time a new tyre is fitted onto your vehicle’s axle, the wheel should be balanced to ensure that it rotates evenly.

If wheels are not balanced, they produce a vibration that makes it uncomfortable to the driver and it results in the premature wear of the tyres, suspension and steering components.

How Can I Tell Whether I Need Wheel Balancing?

The first sign of wheels being out of balance is usually when the steering wheel starts to wobble as you travel over a certain speed. It causes considerable discomfort while you are holding the wheel. You do not always sense an imbalance at the steering wheel as the vehicle’s weight could dampen it. Uneven tyre wear is another one of the signs that your wheels may be incorrectly balanced so look out of it when checking your tyres.

Wheels are balanced on a particular wheel balancing machine. The machine spins the tyre and wheel and can automatically calculate tiny differences in weight across the wheel. The balancing machine highlights the exact position where a counterweight needs to be applied. Counterweights are available in different weights depending on the amount of the imbalance.

Wheel balancing can help to get rid of vibration, and after it has been done, you will notice a smoother ride. You will also have more even tyre wear which increases the useful life of your tyres and saves you money in the long term.

If in doubt, visit Car Clinic MOT Centre

At Car Clinic MOT Centre, we provide a tyre check service. Our trained technicians carry out a full inspection of your car’s tyres to check the general condition, ensure the tread depths meet minimum legal requirements and check your tyre pressures and wear, which can indicate if wheel balancing is needed. For an Ellesmere Port tyres quote, Ellesmere Port MOT or an Ellesmere Port car repairs quote, just call us on 0151 339 0101.