Which Is The Most Expensive Car To Maintain?

The BMW 5 Series has been revealed as Britain’s most expensive car to maintain, according to a study of the 50 most popular vehicles in the country.

Which Is The Most Expensive Car To Maintain?

The average annual maintenance cost has been calculated for the top-selling 50 vehicles in the UK. The final figure includes the average annual cost of ownership based on servicing, an MOT plus the costs of any unexpected repairs that arise during the course of the year.

German cars, perhaps surprisingly, make up half of the top 10 most expensive cars to maintain. At the top of the table, costing an average of £585 per annum, was the BMW 5 Series, followed by Mercedes-Benz’s C-Class (£557) and the Volkswagen Passat (£543).

The figures were calculated between September 2017 and September 2018 and are based on cars of all ages up to 15 years and are an average cost per year based on all of the cars in the study. By using data from a comparison website and the official car registration statistics collected by the government, an average cost could be found.

The top 10 most expensive cars to maintain in the United Kingdom are:

BMW 5 Series: £585

Mercedes-Benz C-Class: £557

Volkswagen Passat: £543

BMW 1 Series: £518

BMW 3 Series: £486

Hyundai i10: £470

Toyota Yaris: £459

Audi A4: £454

Kia Sportage: £447

Honda CR-V: £447

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