When To Use Fog Lights

A lot of drivers are unsure as to when to use their fog lights. Here is a simple guide to when fog lights are appropriate.

When To Use Fog Lights

Leave a greater distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Make sure that your wipers are in good working order and keep your windscreen clear and demisted. If you’re struggling to see clearly, reduce your speed or pull over in a safe place until the fog has subsided.

The Highway Code says that you should only use fog lighting if visibility is less than 100 metres (328 feet). That is equivalent to the length of a football pitch.

If you use your fog lights when you can see further ahead, you could put oncoming drivers at risk.

The law (the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989) strictly prohibits using front or rear fog lights when they are not needed due to the risk of dazzling other drivers. This includes use in light rain. If the police stop you with them on in such conditions, you could get a fine.

On the other hand, if you have a car accident and you should have had fog lights on, your insurance company might invalidate your claim. That highlights why it’s so important to use fog lighting correctly.

Check your lights

During the autumn and winter months, you should check your lights are working before you set off on a journey of any length.

Remember that even if your vehicle has automatic lights, you will need to turn your fog ones on manually. The same goes for daytime running lights: a lot of vehicles with them won’t turn on rear lights so you must put the lights on when it gets dark.

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