When To Replace Your Tyres

When it comes to maintaining your car, it’s easy to overlook the tyres. One in ten MOT failures is down to tyre problems – including tread depth and tyre pressure. So when should you replace your tyres?

When To Replace Your Tyres

Do you know when it is time to replace your tyres? Your tyres need replacing if:

Tyre Tread Depth is Less than 1.6mm

The tread on your tyre maintains contact with the road, especially in wet conditions. New tyres come with about 9mm of tread, but this can wear down after as few as 30,000 miles.

Your Tyres Get Damaged

You may not notice, but if your tyres hit a hard object, like a kerb or pothole, they can be seriously damaged. Even if they look visuably fine, there could be internal damage.

You’ve Had a Puncture

Modern tyres are fairly durable, but the occasional puncture is still inevitable. If you have a puncture you can use an inflator or tyre foam for a temporary fix, but you’ll still need to get your tyre checked by a professional.

Make Your Tyres Last Longer

There are some precautions to take to maximise tyre life:

  • Keep an eye on tyre pressures. You can check this easily with a tyre pressure sensor. Always check when they’re cold, as warm tyres will give an inaccurate reading.
  • Drive carefully. Avoid colliding with the kerb, and take care when parking, going over speedbumps or driving on poor road surfaces.
  • Regularly rotate your tyres. This ensures they wear out evenly. The front tyres should be moved to the back on the same sides, but the rear tyres should be fitted on opposite sides.
  • Check wheel alignment. If you use your car regularly, we recommend a tyre alignment every two to three years.

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