When Should I Change My Caravan Tyres

Compared to those on a car, the tyres fitted to caravans appear to have an easy life. They do not accelerate or steer, and they only cover only a fraction of the mileage of your car. It would be easy to assume that they will last forever. But they don’t: read on to find out when you should change your caravan tyres.

When Should I Change My Caravan Tyres

From the day a tyre is made a clock starts ticking – the rubber compound the tyre is made of begins to age. Oxygen from the air combines with sunlight to slowly break down its molecules. The warmer it gets, the faster it happens. The effect is that the strength and elasticity of the rubber weakens. Because caravans are often stored outside in sunlight or months on end, flat spots and uneven stresses can develop within the tyre.

With this in mind, the generally accepted rule is that caravan tyres should be changed when they become five years old, even if they appear to be in perfect condition. Failure to follow this advice can result in a blow-out.

Heavy caravans are particularly vulnerable to tyre neglect especially if used in mainland Europe during the summer. A caravan tyre holding 50psi or more should be checked for signs of deterioration and considered for replacement when it is three years old.

How to tell the age of a tyre

Caravan tyres are marked with manufacture date, which is a code that is usually located on the tyre sidewall. The first two digits show the week of manufacture and the second two are the year of manufacture. The numbers may be preceded with letters and may not be on both sidewalls so check both sides of each tyre.

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