When are Anti Lock Brakes Most Effective?

The Anti Lock Brake system (ABS) is one of the best innovations for vehicles since motoring took off. From a safety perspective, ABS prevent a huge number of accidents and have saved a large number of lives. But what are anti lock brakes, and how do they work?

When are Anti Lock Brakes Most Effective?

Anti-lock brake systems are a computer-assisted way to improve braking. Traditional brake systems relied on mechanical pressure on the brake discs to stop the wheel from rotating. Friction slowed the car down. However, this often causes the car to skid rather than slow down. When suddenly braking on wet ground you’re at risk of skidding.

How does ABS work?

Rather than clamping the brake pads onto the brake disc as soon as you press the brake pedal, an ABS monitors the forces on the wheel and releases the brakes temporarily before a skid happens. It’s releases and re-clamps many times per second –so you’re less likely to skid, and can still steer while you are braking.

This replicates a technique used by racing drivers. Anti-lock brakes can do this ‘pumping’ action far quicker than a human could. It lets you focus on steering out of trouble, rather than controlling the brakes.

When does ABS work best?

When you need to suddenly slow down while still steering, ABS is a lifesaver. It’s not just for when you come to an emergency stop. It’s also useful for maintaining control on uneven surfaces. When a road is wet on one side, there’s a difference between the resistance on each side of the road. This means an even braking pressure on both sides of the car will cause the dry wheels to slow quicker than the wet ones – pulling the car to one side. ABS evens out the braking force on each wheel and keeps the car steady.

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