What To Do If You Break Down on a Motorway

A break down on a motorway can be terrifying if you do not know what to do. Here is a guide to help you if the worst happens.

What To Do If You Break Down on a Motorway

If you notice a problem with your car on a motorway, the best advice is to leave it at the next exit or pull into a service station. If this is not possible, you should safely pull onto the hard shoulder and stop your car as far to the left as possible and stop with the wheels turned to the left. Put your hazard lights on and your sidelights too if it is dark.

Leave the car by the passenger side door and keep passengers well away from the road. If you have a reflective jacket in your car, then put it on.

What about pets?

It’s not safe to get your pets out of the car. Leave them in the car, unless there is an emergency, e.g. the car is smoking or badly damaged. If you must take pets out of the car, keep them under control, on a lead or in a pet carrier.

Calling for assistance

Once all occupants are out of the car safely, and away from traffic, you can call for help, do not attempt even simple repairs.

If you don’t have a phone, walk to the nearest emergency phone which connects you directly to the highways agency. These are at one-mile intervals on the hard shoulder in bright orange boxes. While using the phone, don’t ever turn your back to the traffic.

Provide the emergency services with as much info as you can, including your location (it is written on the phone’s post) and who you’re travelling with. If you are alone, disabled have children with you, be sure to mention this.

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