What is the difference between Summer Tyres and Winter Tyres?

The difference between summer and winter tyres are clear when you know what you are looking for. So what’s the difference between summer & winter tyres? Simply put, winter tyres are designed to deliver optimum performance in cold weather conditions, and summer tyres perform their best in the summer.

What is the difference between Summer Tyres and Winter Tyres?

Tyre treads are important, but it is the differences that you can’t visually perceive that really matter. Winter and summer tyres are made of different compounds of rubber, each type designed, developed and manufactured to work more effectively in different driving conditions.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are safer when it’s warm because they are made of a compound which is specifically designed for temperatures above 7°C. If you do use them below this temperature, they will quickly harden, and their driving properties are diminished.

Winter Tyres

On the other hand, winter tyres are much safer when it’s cold. Because they are designed for use in temperatures below 7°C, they heat up too fast in summer and their rate of wear increases. More importantly, they’re not as effective at braking in warm conditions.

Winter Landsail Tyres are not just for Snow

Winter Landsail tyres Ellesmere Port are not just for driving on snow. Millions of drivers in northern Europe change to winter tyres every year, but it does not snow continuously in Winter in Holland, Germany or Belgium! In these countries, they change to winter tyres because the rubber compound winter tyres are made of makes driving safer in temperatures of 7°C or lower. If it does snow, winter tyres are better at coping with it than summer tyres. Using summer tyres in winter time is one of the reasons that the UK grinds to a halt when it does snow! Because we do not often get heavy snow in the UK winter, the nation is not yet switched on to the idea that changing tyres in the winter is a good idea.

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