What Is A Reinforced Tyre?

A reinforced tyre, or XL tyre, is stronger and better wearing than standard tyres. They are particularly important if you drive a large vehicle that carries heavy loads often. Their internal structure is stronger and the design makes it easier for you to handle a large car, such as a 4×4.

What Is A Reinforced Tyre?                                        

All tyres contain beading, which ensures the tyre stays on the wheel rim. The bead has other uses too. It is made of strong, heat-resistant fibres, and it enhances stability. Reinforced tyres have extra beading so the tyre is stronger and more hard-wearing, particularly when it is under a lot of strain.

You can tell if your tyres are reinforced from the markings on the tyre walls. You will find a marking “XL” or “Reinf”. In some cases, it may appear as RF, RFD or EL. If your tyres also have “RF”, this indicates run-flat tyres so take care not to mix the two up.

Are reinforced tyres the same as run-flats?

Run-flat tyres are reinforced internally to cope with a blowout if one should occur. They work by allowing the tyre to keep its shape, even if it has a hole in it. This means that you can continue to drive safely until you can find a place to stop safely or get the car to a garage. Run flats are not built to cope with heavy loads over the long-term in the same way as a reinforced tyre, though.

Reinforced tyres could have prevented a blowout from happening in the first place. This is because these tyres are built to cope with higher weights, which means that the chance of a blowout due to excessive load is significantly decreased.

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