What Does Toe In And Toe Out Mean?

You may have heard of toe-in and toe-out before, or maybe you have been told yours may need to be adjusted. So, what does it mean and why does it matter?

What Does Toe In and Toe Out Mean?

“Toe” refers to the angles of the fronts of the tyres – whether they are closer or further apart than the rear of the tyres. Different vehicles need to have different toe settings to account for the way that wheels pull either towards each other or apart. Incorrect alignment can result in your car or van steering to one side.

What is Toe In?

When the front of the wheels slightly point towards each other.

What is Toe Out?

When the leading edges of the wheels slightly point away from each other.

Why Does It Matter?

The angle is used to compensate for “give” in your car’s suspension bushings. It helps your tyres to run parallel on the road.

A rear-wheel drive vehicle pushes its front tyres. Rolling resistance makes the tyres push back against the suspension system. So, on a rear-wheel drive vehicles, a setting is used to counteract this.

A front-wheel drive vehicle has the opposite problem: The front tyres are pulling the car along. The vehicle’s mass resists forward movement, causing the front wheels to pull against the suspension. So, a front-wheel drive car uses a setting to offset it.

The angle also affects handling, reduces oversteer or understeer and improves stability.

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