What Does a Second Lockdown Mean for Motoring?

With England entering a second lockdown this Thursday, motorists are asking if they’re still allowed to drive, have a routine service or MOT test for their vehicles in November. Read our article here to find out what does a second lockdown mean for motoring…

What Does a Second Lockdown Mean for Motoring?

With Lockdown 2 set to be enforced for the next four weeks, ending 2nd December, there are some changes to the last lockdown’s rules and restrictions: schools and universities are staying open and people will be allowed to exercise outdoors with one other person from a different household. So what does lockdown 2 mean for drivers?

Can I still drive my vehicle?

Motorists are allowed to use their vehicles, though only for one of the approved reasons: travelling to work if you can’t work from home, go shopping for essentials or to travel to an outdoor space for exercise. Parents can drive for childcare purposes or to drop children off at school and you can drive to medical appointments or to help elderly or vulnerable people.

Can I still have my vehicle service and MOT test?

Garages will remain open during lockdown 2 as the government has clarified that they are essential businesses. Drivers with MOTs due in November should take their vehicle as scheduled: there will be no MOT test extension period this time around.

Our Ellesmere Port garage is already busy as a result of a backlog caused by the previous lockdown, as the MOT exemption that was in place from 30 March allowed owners to defer tests for six months. That exemption was due to run for a year but it was cancelled on 1st August after concerns over the number of potentially unsafe vehicles on our roads.

Car Clinic MOT Centre Supporting You In Lockdown 2

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