What Do I Do With My Car While Self Isolating?

While self-isolating due to the coronavirus, you’ll want to be sure your car won’t let you down when to travel again. Here are our tips.

What Do I Do With My Car While Self Isolating?

During the coming months, we will all be self-isolating to some degree to halt the spread of coronavirus. Not using your car – or at least using it far less frequently than normal – could become a cause for your concern. Here are the steps you should take during and after the lockdown to make sure your car is maintained until you can use it again.

During the lockdown

The Government’s advice is that we all must avoid unnecessary travel, and so that means avoiding using your car except when you really have to.

There are some checks you can do yourself to keep your car roadworthy:

  • Check your car’s oil, and top it up if needed.
  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel
  • Check that other fluids, such as brake and windscreen washer fluid, are also topped up. You can check the levels by looking under your car’s bonnet at the reservoirs, and instructions will be in your car manual.
  • Check tyre treads are more than 1.6mm
  • Check that all lights are in working order
  • Check your wiper blades

After you’ve finished self-isolating

When the lockdown is lifted, it’s worth taking your car for a longer journey. This gives the battery a chance to restore its charge.

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