What Are Reinforced Tyres?

Reinforced tyres, also known as XL tyres, are a stronger and more hardwearing type of tyre. They are particularly important if your vehicle often carries heavy loads. They have a stronger internal structure their design makes it easier to handle your vehicle, particularly large family cars, such as 4x4s.

What Are Reinforced Tyres?

Vehicles come in many shapes, sizes and weights, so a small car needs different tyres to a larger one. The tyres on bigger vehicles  like vans need to be able to support not just the vehicle’s weight, but its contents too. That is why reinforced tyres are important.

Tyres contain a beading, which ensures the tyre stays on the rim. The bead has other uses: it is made from strong, heat-resistant fibres and it enhances stability. These tyres have more beading to make them stronger. You can tell if your tyres are reinforced from the tyre wall markings XL or Reinf. It may also say RF, RFD or EL.

What are the benefits?

Longer life – These tyres go further as long as the tyre pressure is right. They require higher air pressure than normal tyres.

Harder-wearing – Compared to standard tyres, these tyres are less likely to get pothole or kerb damage due to their stronger internal structure.

Greater traction and stability – These tyres are more rigid. This could give better handling in wet or icy conditions.

Off-roading – reinforced tyres are very useful for off-road driving.

Do I need them?

You may require a set of reinforced tyres if you have a 4×4, larger family car, drive a van, or if you frequently fill the vehicle with a heavy load.

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