What are all season tyres?

A lot of UK motorists don’t realise there are three different types of tyre, each specially suited to different seasons in the year. Why have three different types of tyres when one could do? Have you ever wondered what are all season tyres?

Why use all season tyres?

Summers in the UK are getting wetter. While the summer months are usually ideal for summer tyres, there have been so few dry days that it has meant that summer tyres may not always be the best option. All season tyres are perfect to keep your car firmly on the road even on a wet day. Instead of changing tyres a couple of times each year, all season tyres are becoming more appealing for drivers looking to cut costs.

Summer, winter or all-season tyres?

Summer tyres are the standard tyre product that is fitted to the car when you buy it new from the manufacturer. They are best suited to the warmer months between March and October each year. Summer tyres are composed of a relatively soft compound so, during the summer, they grip the dry roads better, and they offer excellent handling and steering in such conditions.

Winter tyres, on the other hand, are the optimum choice for when the temperature is below 7 degrees celsius. They are sometimes called snow tyres, as they have a rubber compound that enables them to grip the road better in the rain, ice or snow. They incorporate tiny grooves on the tread pattern (called sipes) which help them to grip on snow and ice.

The third and final offering is the “all season” tyre. It is an all-rounder which is agile enough to grip well on a dry road, but they do not harden as much as summer tyres do in cold weather. In relatively mild climates like here in the UK, where snowfall is quite rare, but summers are not so hot, all season tyres offer an ideal solution.

Ellesmere Port All Season Tyres

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