What Are ABS and Parking Brakes?

Vehicle braking systems today including ABS and parking brakes involve a huge number of components that work together closely to make sure that you are able to stop or manoeuvre your vehicle safely under control. The key components in a vehicle’s braking system are the master cylinder, servo, callipers for each wheel, hydraulic brake fluid and then there are cylinders, disks, pads, drums and shoes. Every component is linked by a series of pipes and hoses.

What Are ABS and Parking Brakes

Your brake pedal is connected to the master brake cylinder in the engine compartment of the vehicle. This cylinder has brake fluid inside. As you press your foot on the brake pedal, it creates pressure within the master cylinder, and so the brake fluid is pressurised in the brake pipes and hoses to activate the pistons in each wheel’s hub assembly. This forces friction material onto moving parts, and that friction stops the vehicle.

ABS (Anti-lock braking system) works by limiting, applying and releasing the pressure to a wheel that decelerates too fast when the brakes are applied. This allows the maximum stopping force to be applied to each wheel without the brakes locking up or the car skidding. Your car’s ABS self-tests each time you turn the ignition on. If a problem is detected for any reason, the ABS turns off and the conventional braking system is used instead. An ABS warning light will inform you that a defect has been found in the system and you should take the car to your local Ellesmere Port garage as this will be an MOT fail.

The hand brake, or parking brake is a lever that is applied to hold the vehicle in a parked position. It activates the braking components at the rear of the vehicle.

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