What About Ellesmere Port Sport and Performance Tyres?

As more and more manufacturers look to expand their range of sporty cars, car tyres have had to keep pace with developments. All of the major tyre manufacturers now produce specialist sport and performance tyres that have a speed rating of Y or Z. These allow safe travel at speeds of 150 miles per hour or more. Of course, you don’t drive your car on the roads at these speeds, but your performance car will still generate significantly more load on the tyres than a regular vehicle, and why buy a car with such capabilities then use tyres that cannot take its power?

What Are Sport and Performance Tyres?

Ellesmere Port sport and performance tyres are specially designed and constructed to be able to handle the extra load of a vehicle that can accelerate and reach top speeds much faster than common vehicles. As a car travels faster, the air in the tyres warms up and expands, and this means that lower-rated tyres are at risk of bursting or delaminating. You would not want this to happen at high speed as it would put your car and its occupants at risk. Quicker cars also stop more quickly and this too puts extra strain on the tyres. The solution is to choose Ellesmere Port sport and performance tyres for your car.

Choose Car Clinic MOT Centre For Your Tyres

We are tyre specialists and we are here to help you match the right tyre for your vehicle. Whether it’ is for road use or a track day, we can make sure your tyres match your vehicle’s performance and give you the best possible grip and stopping distances in all weather conditions.

The photographs below show some of our customers’ sports and performance vehicles as we fit them with suitable tyres. Why not bring your pride and joy to Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port and let us give it the care and attention it deserves? For a free Ellesmere Port tyres quote, Ellesmere Port MOT or an Ellesmere Port car repairs quote, contact us at Car Clinic MOT Centre on 0151 339 0101 or drop in at your convenience.