Car Clinic MOT Centre Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Carrying out regular checks and vehicle maintenance will help to keep your vehicle safe and make it less likely to let you down. Continue reading the Car Clinic MOT Centre Vehicle Maintenance Tips article now…

Before a long journey

  • Check all tyre pressures and check for signs of tyre damage.
  • Check all the fluid levels and top up if necessary.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips – Every Week

  • Check your tyre pressures, (don’t forget the spare!)
  • Check and top up the windscreen washer fluid and add a screen wash additive – water alone will not clear oily road grime and will freeze in winter.
  • Check for blown bulbs. Full beams, indicators, brake and fog lights all need checking.
  • Clean your windscreen, windows and lights are clean.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips – Every Month

  • Check the engine oil level, and make sure it is between the dipstick’s maximum and minimum marks.
  • Make sure there is sufficient liquid in the cooling system. Top it up if necessary, and always include the right amount of antifreeze in the mixture. In winter antifreeze stops frost damage, and in summer it helps protect against overheating.
  • Watch for the signs of rust and deal promptly with any bodywork damage.
  • Check tyre tread, look for uneven wear and cuts to the sidewalls.

Other Tips

  • Even if you don’t know the first thing about cars, don’t fret: Anyone can learn the basics. Your vehicle’s handbook is a wealth of information and is designed for non-technical owners. It will help you find out how to check oil levels, top up washer bottles etc.
  • Get the car serviced regularly to maintain engine efficiency. Efficient engines use less fuel.
  • Under-inflated tyres have more rolling resistance and use more fuel. Getting your tyre pressures right is important for safety.

Carry a spare bulb kit. If you drive in mainland Europe, it is compulsory to carry one. Make sure your owner’s manual is nearby, so you know how to fit them in an emergency.

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