Unusual Excuses for Non-Essential Travel Revealed

Police in Wales has revealed some of the surprising reasons motorists have given for leaving their homes unnecessarily during the Covid-19 crisis.

Unusual Excuses for Non-Essential Travel Revealed

One driver explained: “I’m taking my mate to Newport to buy drugs.” Another said: “I am taking my quad bike for a walk and promise I am not going ride it in a field.” Some drivers have even claimed to have no knowledge of the Covid-19 crisis, saying: “I don’t watch the news – what is going on?”

Some of the craziest excuses include:

“I bought a new catapult and wanted to try it out”

“My son is a poor cook, so I take him food every day”

“I’ve been to feed some fish”

“I needed to get nail clippers for my dog”

Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman said: “We know this is a difficult time for people. The majority of communities are adhering to the guidance. We are grateful for the difference they are making. A minority still continue to go against the guidelines.”

Day-tripping drivers have been undeterred by the new law in their efforts to take in North Wales’s scenery. One driver drove from Birkenhead to Snowdonia because he was “bored” and one took a 52-mile round-trip to stock up on CBD oil.

Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Harrison said: “We have powers to direct people to their home address and if required we can report them and issue them with a fixed penalty notice.”

Elsewhere in the United Kingdom, Surrey Police stopped a driver who claimed he was travelling at 130mph because by going so fast he thought he would not catch coronavirus.

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