TPMS Sensor Service

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) constantly monitors your car’s tyre pressures using sensors in all four tyres. It alerts the driver with a visual and audible warning if there the pressure or temperature changes suddenly. Vehicles with TPMS that were registered after 1st January 2012 have their TPMS system tested as part of their MOT. If your TPMS is not functioning, you could fail. Car Clinic MOT Centre is your local independent TPMS sensor service Ellesmere Port garage.

TPMS Sensors Improve Safety

Having TPMS on a vehicle improves safety as the system checks the tyre pressure regularly, which cuts your chances of suffering a blow-out. TPMS also saves you money as keeping tyres at the right pressure, maximises their life and improves fuel efficiency.

How does TPMS work?

On most vehicles, TPMS works with sensors fitted in each wheel valve. They send a signal to the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) with information about pressure and temperature. If the tyre pressure drops by a certain amount, the sensor is damaged, or the battery expires, a light comes on the dashboard to warn the driver.

Why do TPMS sensor valves need to be serviced?

Sensor valves are expensive to replace. Units can cost anything up to £150 on common vehicles – even more for prestige brands. Sensor valves should last for many years, but wear and tear, corrosion or damage can make them fail. For these reasons, we offer a sensor valve service – this extends sensor valve life by adding a new service kit when a new tyre is repaired or fitted.

Why do TPMS sensor valves need to be replaced?

A sensor valve usually needs replacing after 5 years or 100,000 miles, although this varies, and because of the position of the sensor, they are also vulnerable to damage and corrosion.

How does the car ‘recognise’ a TPMS new sensor valve?

The ECU stores the unique identity of each valve. When a valve is replaced, the identity number is programmed into the ECU. On some cars this is done with a diagnostic tool that plugs into the vehicles Diagnostics system.

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