Top Tips for Driving in the Rain

The sound of rain can be very relaxing, but road conditions are not so tranquil. Driving in the rain can be dangerous, with slippery surfaces and reduced visibility all contributing to the risk of having an accident. Read our top tips for driving in the rain…

Top Tips for Driving in the Rain

British weather means rain can come in summer or winter – so here are our top tips for staying safe in the rain.

Make sure your windscreen wipers work

One of the most common issues you face when travelling in the rain is reduced vision due to worn windscreen wipers. If your wipers need replacing, you’ll find they smear dirt on the windscreen which obscures your view, instead of wiping away rain.

Check your tyres

It is illegal to drive a car with tyres that have a tread depth of less than 1.6mm. The tread on your tyres gives them grip on the road. It’s also important to ensure they’re not under or over-inflated, so as to maximise their contact with the road.

Take it slow

Your stopping distance s reduced in the rain. This means you need to drive more slowly and give the vehicle in front more room. If you do not, you may not be able to slow down or stop in time.

De-mist your windscreen

Rain on a chilly day will mist up your windscreen when it is most inconvenient – so de-mist as soon as you see foggy patches. High humidity and temperatures inside the car can make mist blur your vision, so blast it with your air conditioning.

Stay visible

Rain reduces the visibility of the vehicles around you. In heavy rain, use dipped headlights. These let other road users see you, but doesn’t dazzle them.

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