Tips For Driving on Flooded Roads

When rain showers strike, driving from A to B becomes more testing. The AA says that 32% of flood-related deaths happen in vehicles. And when it comes to mechanical failure, just an egg cupful of water could wreck your engine. Read our tips for driving on flooded roads…

Tips For Driving on Flooded Roads

Here are some driving tips to keep you safe on flooded roads.

Reduce your speed while travelling on flooded roads. Your tyres are more likely to lose contact with the road and make you lose steering control. This is known as aquaplaning.

If this happens to you, gently reduce your speed by taking your foot off the throttle (not hitting the brakes) and hold the steering lightly until you can feel your tyres regaining grip.

Before setting off you can test the depth of the water with a tape measure. As a rule of thumb, don’t drive through roads if there is more than 10 cm of water.

Did you know that splashing pedestrians and cyclists can lead to points on your licence or a fine? Well, it can, so avoid big puddles, or reduce your speed.

As soon as you pass a flooded road, test your brakes afterwards –if it’s safe to do so.

If your car breaks down, pull over immediately and stay inside unless you are on the hard shoulder of a motorway. If that happens, put on your hazard lights and find a safe place to stand by the side of the road, leaving by the passenger side.

If visibility drops to less than 100 metres, turn on your headlights. You can use your fog lights if you cannot see past this distance but turn the fog lights back off when visibility improves so as not to dazzle other drivers.

In a flood, keeping the vehicle moving is one of the most important tips. Stopping in deep water can allow water to enter your exhaust pipe and cause damage.

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