Three Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Tyres

When did you last inspect your tyres? It may be boring, but tyres need checks of tyre pressure, tread depth, and for damage on a regular basis. Read our article on three tips to prolong the life of your tyres…

Three tips to prolong the life of your tyres

1- Regularly inspect your tyres Ellesmere Port to ensure the pressures are correct.
2- Make sure your wheel alignment is correct, or tyres will wear unevenly, and adversely affect your car’s fuel efficiency too.
3- Consider buying premium tyres, since their superior rubber wears less quickly than cheaper tyres.

Prolong The Life Of Your Tyres – Sidewall damage

Tyre sidewalls are very strong, as they are designed to cope with the forces your vehicle generates when it is moving. They are still vulnerable to wear and tear and can easily become damaged. Look out for cuts, nicks and tears, bubbles and bulges. If you see any of these, get the damaged tyre inspected by an expert and replace if necessary.

Prolong The Life Of Your Tyres – Four ways to protect your Sidewalls

1- Avoid bumping into kerbs – it sounds obvious, but it is really common, especially when parking.
2- Avoid driving over potholes.
3- Maintain the correct tyre pressures. The right pressures reduce the chance of sidewall damage.
4- Clean off any oil you find on your tyres. Solvents and oils soften your tyre’s rubber.

Prolong The Life Of Your Tyres – Spotting Tyre Damage

Check for foreign objects in your tyres regularly. When you check your tyre pressures and tread depths, you’ll also see any tyre damage from sharp objects. If you find anything embedded in your tyre, remove it with pliers. Keep an eye out for subsequent deterioration or loss of pressure, and if unsure then seek professional advice.

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