The Ultimate Staycation Travel Checklist

Covid-19 means many of us are opting for a “Staycation” this year. Preparing for a trip isn’t the most exciting part of a journey. But put some effort into it and you’ll be rewarded if anything goes wrong. Read our ultimate staycation travel checklist now to make sure you are prepared…

The Ultimate Staycation Travel Checklist

Here’s our staycation travel checklist.

Emergency essentials

Even with the best preparation, punctures, breakdowns and accidents can still happen. This is why it is important to make sure that you have some emergency essentials before you set out on a journey.

For your car, you should consider making up a breakdown and emergency kit to put in the boot, containing the essentials you’ll need in the event of a breakdown:

  • a warning triangle
  • a tow rope
  • booster cables
  • a foot pump
  • hi-grip gloves
  • a weatherproof torch
  • A first aid kit

Car check essentials

Nothing stops a trip in its tracks like a car that will not start. This is an easy one to avoid by booking a car check at your local garage. Ask one of their trained technicians to check out your wiper blades, battery, tyre pressure, oil levels, brakes and tyres, steering, suspension and anything else you are concerned about.

Take a short trip before going on a long journey and listen out for any odd noises, knocks, squeals or anything else that concerns you. If your car has been standing on the drive for the last few months of lockdown it is possible that parts have corroded or seized and you do not want the first sign of trouble to be something serious failing at seventy miles per hour on a motorway. Our staff will be pleased to offer an inexpensive check for your peace of mind.

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