The Top 10 Safest Cars Revealed

New tests by the EURO NCAP agency have revealed what are the safest cars on our roads – and which are the least safe.

The Top 10 Safest Cars – and the least safe

Safety is a high priority for car buyers, so here are the models that performed best and in the Euro NCAP crash tests:

The experts at Euro NCAP have now crash tested a total of 44 cars since the new, tougher test standards yet were introduced in 2019, with 34 of them earning a maximum rating of five stars. Among the best are the Renault Clio, the BMW X5 and the electric Audi E-Tron.

Despite the improvement in standards, Euro NCAP still found big differences between the best and worst performers. Here are the cars with the top 10 best scores.

1 Mercedes A Class

2 Tesla Model 3

3 Lexus ES

4 Volkswagen T Cross

=5 Audi Q3

=5 Toyota Corrola

=5 Toyota RAV4

8 Skoda Scala

9 Lexus UX

=10 Mazda 3

SEAT Tarraco

Mercedes Benz B Class

Least Safe Cars

The following models received one star or less for safety.

Jeep Wrangler

Scoring just 50% for adult occupant protection and 69% Child occupant protection, it’s not just the occupants that are less safe: the Jeep scored just 49% in Pedestrian protection and 32% for its automated Safety Assist features.

Fiat Panda

With scores for adult occupant protection of 45%, Child occupant protection of a mere 16%,  Pedestrian protection of 47% and Safety Assist of a measly 7%, Fiat’s Supermini ranks as the least safe new car on the road today. It scored an embarrassing zero stars for safety in the new EURO NCAP tests.

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