The Most Frequent Motoring Internet Searches

Research suggests that motorists are more likely to go to the internet to research minor issues rather than taking their car to an Ellesmere Port garage.

The Most Frequent Motoring Internet Searches

Searches about oil and bonnets are amongst the most frequent motoring problems that people are Googling in the UK, according to data analysis. Research by a price comparison website discovered that 19,200 people searched ‘how much oil does my car need’ last year – making it the single most commonly searched car issue. It was closely followed by people researching how to open their bonnet, which was looked for over 15,000 times. Some of the other most common searches were: ‘how to change my engine oil’ ‘how to change windscreen wipers’; ‘how can windscreen chips be fixed’; and ‘changing a brake light’.

Vital Car Safety Checks

It is really important to do some basic safety checks on your car regularly. This includes checking your engine oil levels, your windscreen, windows, mirrors, and all your lights. Failing to carry out these checks could result in you getting fined of up to £2,500 and also 3 penalty points per fault on your driving license if you are caught by the police in a vehicle deemed to be dangerous. Google may give you some of the answers, but nothing replaces a regular service from the experts at your Ellesmere Port Garage. Don’t fall foul of the law: call Car Clinic MOT Centre today for a quote for a basic car safety check, an annual service or your MOT.

Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port Garage

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