Five ways you might be breaking The Highway Code without realising

You wouldn’t have passed your driving test without learning the laws of the road using The Highway Code. But here are five ways you could be breaking the law without realising it.

Five ways you might be breaking The Highway Code without realising

1. Using the horn unnecessarily

A car horn is handy, and it is there to alert other motorists of your presence. There are strict rules about where and when you can use your horn.  The Highway Code says you should avoid using it in built-up areas between 11:30 pm and 7:00 am, and you can never use it when your car stationary. The only exception is to warn another road user if they are posing a danger.

2. Using your phone as a sat nav

You are allowed to use your mobile phone as a sat nav – but only if it’s attached to the car in a fixed position. It is illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving, even if stopped at lights or queuing in traffic. If you’re caught using a phone at the wheel, you will receive six penalty points and fined. You could even be taken to court and banned from driving. If you use your mobile as a sat nav, it must be fixed to the dashboard or windscreen, in a proper phone cradle. It should be placed, so it doesn’t obstruct your view while driving – and do not touch it when the engine is on.

3. Flashing your headlights to give way

Did you realise that flashing your headlights to give way to other motorists is an offence? A brief flash of the headlights is often used to give way, but the Highway Code says you may only do so to let other road users know you are there. Never assume a flash is an invitation to proceed.

4. Parking on the wrong side of the road in the evening

According to the Highway Code, you may not park your car facing against the direction of traffic flow. Other road users won’t see your rear light reflectors as they approach.

5. Overtaking at pedestrian crossings

The Highway Code says you must not overtake a car by a crossing – it may be blocking your view of a pedestrian.

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