The Benefits Of Buying Premium Tyres

While it is tempting to try to save money by buying cheaper tyres, it can be a false economy to do so. Premium tyres have benefits over mid-range and budget tyres which makes worth the investment. As well as better performance and safety, premium tyres usually last longer and can reduce your fuel bills.


1) Save fuel

The EU tyre label shows the rolling resistance of tyres (graded from A to G). Premium tyres tend to have a better rating than budget or mid-range tyres. Rolling resistance is the amount of friction your tyres generate as they roll on the road’s surface. The more friction, the more fuel you’ll use. Tyres contribute to around 20% of your overall fuel usage. Lower weight and aerodynamic design make these tyres more efficient. Special rubber compounds reduce resistance.

2) Longer lasting

Premium tyres will last longer than budget equivalents. They are made from better quality rubber. And the longer your tyres last, the more money you save over the vehicle’s lifetime.

3) Shorter stopping distance

Premium tyres have shorter stopping distances in dry conditions, but it’s in wet weather that they really make the difference. These tyres will have a higher wet grip rating – this means they have a better braking performance.

4) Better grip, handling and performance

The fine tuning in a tyre’s design improves your vehicle’s handling under hard braking and cornering.

5) Research and development

Premium tyre brands come from market leaders. They have spent years (not to mention millions of pounds) on research and design over that time. They have developed cutting-edge products that are the best for quality, performance, safety and reliability.

Is there a downside…?

Of course, premium tyres are more expensive to buy, but when you factor in the savings on fuel, fewer replacements and peace of mind they are definitely worth investing in. For an Ellesmere Port tyres quote, Ellesmere Port MOT or an Ellesmere Port car repairs quote, just call us on 0151 339 0101.