Stormy Weather Driving Tips

Rain, hail, wind and even snow have all been a feature since storm Ciara and storm Dennis reached the UK last month and all of these pose a risk to safety unless you know how to safely deal with them. The statistics show that road accidents go up every winter when conditions on the roads get hazardous. Read our stormy weather driving tips article for more advice…

Stormy Weather Driving Tips

If you have to make a car journey in bad weather, then the key to staying safe is proper planning and a bit of preparation.

Driving at night

Visibility is critical, so check your bulbs are all working as vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists are harder to spot. Take care when pulling out, overtaking or manoeuvring to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Driving in the rain

Heavy showers are common in winter. In heavy rain, your front and rear windscreen wipers are essential. Check the wiper blades regularly, as splits and damage can make them break at the worst possible time.

Driving in high wind

You may feel safe inside a car, but high winds still pose a risk. The biggest risks are high-sided vehicles which can move unpredictably when blasted by a big gust of wind. This can be worse in open areas like bridges or fields. Being aware of the potential danger is crucial. If you’re overtaking, take care. If you’re following a truck, stay a safe distance back.

Driving in ice

Ice is a huge risk for drivers, Keep de-icer and an ice-scraper in the car to clear it. Top up your screen wash and consider a windscreen cover.

Driving in Snow

Driving in snow can be dangerous, so only attempt if it’s absolutely necessary. If you must drive, take it slow. Prepare the car and remove snow with a proper snow remover, de-icer and scraper. Snow chains give you a better grip, and you can buy cheaper snow socks too. A snow shovel can be used to clear your driveway, and thrown in the boot afterwards in case you need it later.

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