Storm Driving Tips

Storms Ciara and storm Dennis have led to some precarious drives last month. Here are some storm driving tips and hints for how to drive safely when the weather is wet and windy.

Storm Driving Tips

Driving during rain is challenging. Reduced visibility and worse grip combine to make it tricky for even the most experienced drivers.

Go Slow

It may seem obvious but driving too fast on wet roads is dangerous. The problem with the wet is the effect on braking distance and grip. As a rule, braking distances will double at motorway speeds. So, going slow means, you need less space to stop. Take corners slowly and don’t accelerate out of them quickly, or you might spin your car.

Take Care of Tyres

Staying over the legal tyre tread limit means your tyres will work better in the rain, reducing your chances of an accident, and you won’t break the law. Check the pressure in all tyres (even the spare) once a week and top up if needed. Under-inflated tyres make grip worse on wet roads and controlling the car is harder.


If you’re on a motorway and it’s raining heavily, aquaplaning is a hazard. Aquaplaning is where a layer of water gets between your tyres and the road, removing grip completely. If the steering wheel feels light you might be aquaplaning. You can lose control even when going in a straight line, so slow down if you see standing water.

What to do if your car aquaplanes:

Don’t brake suddenly –it makes things worse. Instead, if your car starts to spin, counteract it by turning the wheel gently in the other direction. Finally, reduce your acceleration in a controlled way.

Check your wipers

If you haven’t wiper blades yet this year, consider replacing them. Wipers that get damaged or degraded don’t do a good job of clearing your windscreen, so your vision will be obscured.

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