Some Things You Need to Know about E10 Fuel

The new grade E10 fuel replaced E5 as the standard unleaded petrol type on Wednesday 1st September.

Some Things You Need to Know about E10 Fuel

A new, cleaner form of petrol has been introduced at filling stations across the UK, as E5 unleaded petrol is being phased out. E10 petrol is made with up to 10 per cent bioethanol – a renewable fuel – and it will now be the standard offering at petrol forecourts as part of the Government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions. The E5 petrol it replaces was blended with just 5% bioethanol.

According to the Department for Transport, over 95% of the petrol cars on Britain’s roads will be fully compatible with E10. However, in an impact assessment from January 2020, they estimated that up to 700,000 cars – for example classic cars or those built prior to the early 2000s – would not be compatible with the new type of fuel.

The owners of such vehicles are still able to access E5 petrol by purchasing the super unleaded variety – which, on average, costs up to 8.7p a litre more than standard petrol.

The DfT has said that that E10 fuel may “marginally” reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy but it insists that the impact is “almost unnoticeable to most drivers” on everyday car journeys.

It went on to say that E10 could cut the CO2 emitted by transport by as much as 750,000 tonnes a year – which is the equivalent of taking every car in North Yorkshire off the road!

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, said: “The switch over to E10 petrol will reduce Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions as we accelerate to a greener future for transport.”

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