Simple Pre MOT Car Checks

You could be at more risk of having an accident on the roads if you do not do some regular safety checks on your car. From checking the lights to alternator faults, we explain some simple pre MOT car checks between your MOTs.

Simple Pre MOT Car Checks

Drivers who neglect their vehicles could face fines of as much as £2,500 if their car is found to not be roadworthy. It is against the law to drive a vehicle in a dangerous condition, and according to the Highway Code, the penalty is a fine of £2,500 and, three points on your driving licence for many faults.

Here are some simple pre-MOT safety checks that you should carry out on a regular basis:

Check your lights

You should check all your lights work every time you drive. This is vital to see where you’re driving in the dark, and also in order for other road users to see you. If the police catch you with a faulty light, they’ll usually ask you to visit an Ellesmere Port garage first to have the bulb replaced rather than immediately escalating it to court. Dim or flickering lights can be a sign of an alternator fault. The alternator supplies electricity to the vehicle. Another sign of your alternator playing up is if your electronic speedometer stops working.

Check your exhaust

A defective exhaust could make a vehicle too dangerous to drive, for example, if it has been modified to sound louder. You could be fined £2,500 at court, but being convicted of having a defective exhaust does not add points to your licence.

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