Signs of Car Battery Problems

Car batteries have to work harder than ever. Modern vehicles contain over 200 electronic control units. These all place increasing demands on the battery, even if you’re parked up. Read our article in full for signs of car battery problems.

Signs of Car Battery Problems

Driving habits have changed too. For many it is quicker to drive than walk to the shops. Every time you use your vehicle for a short journey like this, you take more charge from the battery than you can put back in. It’s no surprise that battery failure is the number one cause of British breakdowns. Here are some of the signs it is time for a charge – or a new battery.

Your car struggles to start

If a car doesn’t start with a turn of the key (or push of the button), that’s a sure sign the battery needs charging.

Your car’s electrics lose power

If the windows, lights, heater or other electric systems are slow to respond or have no power, it’s time to charge your battery. This is more noticeable in the winter months when the battery has to work harder to keep everything ticking over and you’re using more of your car’s electrical systems such as lights and the heater.

The dashboard battery warning light comes on

The battery symbol on your dashboard means there’s a fault in your alternator, electrical system or battery.

Your car’s start-stop function stops working

Start-stop systems monitor the battery to detect how much current is being drawn. If the system senses your battery is struggling, it will disable the start-stop function to prevent the battery from being drained to the extent that your car can’t start.

Your battery’s more than five years old

Car batteries are designed to last from five to seven years, so a struggling battery could be a sign that yours is approaching the end of its life. You can check your battery’s age by looking for the date it was manufactured, stamped somewhere on the battery itself.

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