Seven Things That Will Not Fail Your MOT

If something as innocuous a blown bulb fails an MOT, will a cracked windscreen have the same effect? Not always…

Seven Things That Will Not Fail Your MOT

Sometimes your car will pass the MOT with an advisory note, highlighting issues that must be addressed soon.

1. Cracked windscreen

The MOT checks the windscreen for cracks, but you can get away with some damage. Chips or cracks less than 10mm diameter and in the driver’s line of vision don’t fail. Nor do cracks of less than 40mm in the area that is cleaned by the windscreen wipers but not in the driver’s line of vision.

2. Worn brake pads

Brake pads do wear out over time, affecting braking efficiency. Unless the brake pads are less than the limit of 1.5mm, you won’t fail. Most mechanics recommend replacing brake pads if the friction material is less than 3mm.

3. Worn tyres

Tyres must have a tread depth of the legal minimum of 1.6mm. If your tyres are over this, the MOT is passed even if they’re worn. Ideally, you should replace at 3mm.

4. Hole in the exhaust

Exhausts only fail if they have a major leak, or emissions are unsafe. If you are told there is a hole in the exhaust, assume it needs a new one.

5. Coolant leak

A vehicle will only fail its MOT if a fluid leak creates a pool more than 75mm in diameter within five minutes, or several leaks collectively leak fluid at that rate.

6. Dented wing or bumper

So long as the doors open and close, a dented wing won’t usually cause an MOT fail. Front doors must always open from both inside and out.

7. Rumbling noise from the gearbox

The MOT doesn’t cover the gearbox, clutch or engine (apart from its emissions), so a sound from the gearbox doesn’t fail. You should get it checked by a mechanic, though!

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