R1234yf Regassing Centre

Here at your local Ellesmere Port Car Garage, Car Clinic MOT Centre, we are proud to offer an affordable servicing and air conditioning R1234yf regas service. The air conditioning in your car loses from 10% to 15% efficiency every year, so come and us at our R1234yf regassing centre for a free air-conditioning check to see if it needs a top-up.

R1234yf Regassing Centre

It is recommended to always get your air conditioning re-gassed every couple of years in order to keep the system running efficiently. This service is not part of the annual car maintenance service, so it is very easy to overlook. If your car is more than 2 years of age, then it is probably ready for an A/C recharge. Our Ellesmere Port air conditioning R1234yf regassing centre will ensure that your car’s air-conditioning system is still working efficiently, and remove unpleasant smells.

Cheapest Ellesmere Port Air Con R1234yf Refill

We think we are the cheapest garage in Ellesmere port for R1234yf regas servicing thanks to our new pricing structure. You pay for the aircon service itself (which includes new oil and dye) and then the extra cost of whatever amount of R1234yf gas we use.

You will only pay for the amount of gas we use – our advanced air-con refill machines are fully automated and you get a printout that shows how many grams of gas was used – this is the best value for money as you only pay for what is needed!

The average car holds around 500 grams of refrigerant gas in the a/c System, and most cars only need a small amount of refrigerant.

Car Clinic Ellesmere Port R1234yf A/C Regas

To book your car in for its Ellesmere Port air conditioning re-gas or R1234yf refrigerant top-up or for more information about our Ellesmere Port tyres replacements, Ellesmere Port MOTs and Ellesmere Port car repairs, please call us on 0151 339 0101.