Prepare Your Car for Colder and Wetter Weather

Autumn and winter take their toll on your car. Not only do you have to deal with increasingly icy temperatures, but the heavier rain and darker nights make driving more difficult. Read our article on how to prepare your car for colder and wetter weather…

Prepare Your Car for Colder and Wetter Weather

There are certain steps you can take right now to get your car ready to face the challenge of colder and wetter weather.

1. Get your tyres road-ready

Ensure your tyres are up to scratch by checking their tyre pressure and tread depths. A Tyre Pressure and Tread Gauge is the perfect assistant. If you find your tyres need extra air, then a Tyre Inflator will sort that for you.

2. Keep your windscreen clear

Have you ever activated your screen wash and nothing happens? There’s nothing worse than being unable to clean a dirty, smeared windscreen. Avoid getting caught out by stocking up on Screenwash.

Upgrading wiper blades also keeps your windscreen clear. If your car came with standard blades, you can upgrade to flat ones. If it originally came with flat blades you can upgrade to silicone and benefit from cutting-edge hydrophobic technology.

3. Maximise your visibility

Having a clear view of the road is important, but every window has a part to play when it comes to visibility in wet weather. Rain Repellent is a product that can be applied to windows – it repels rain, sleet and snow. It also helps prevent frost build-up.

4. Protect your interior and exterior

Rain and mud make for a messy car – inside and out. You can nip the problem in the bud by using protective covers and mats.

For the exterior, consider a car cover that will help protect your car from pollution, rain, snow, ice and UV rays.

5. Make your car shine

Your car will thank you for giving its paintwork some TLC. A Pressure Washer makes short work of the biggest cleaning tasks.

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