Potential Change to MOT Electric Car Emissions Check

New MOT changes could be introduced, affecting thousands of owners of electric cars. Read our article in full to find out more about the potential change to MOT electric car emission checks…

Potential Change to MOT Electric Car Emissions Check

New research has revealed that almost half of car drivers would like to see the MOT take into account the way the electricity used to charge a car was generated. 45 percent of road users said this should definitely be monitored with just a quarter disagreeing. Eric Smith, the MOT scheme manager said that testing electric car emissions would require new “multi-industry standards to be set up”. As it stands, the changes have not been proposed officially and such updates are unlikely to be introduced in the near future.

However, it was confirmed that there is now support for testing the emissions of fully-electric cars in the same way as petrol and diesel emissions are assessed now. Mr Smith said: “Whilst the move to electric vehicles is positive in terms of reducing overall emissions from individual cars, we must not forget how important it is to ensure that energy used by EVs is generated cleanly.

“To change the MOT to assess the source of the electricity used by EVs would require new multi-industry standards, and the MOT may not be the best way to check fort clean energy. The research does highlight the fact that millions of drivers believe in testing emissions for electric vehicles.

“Hybrid vehicles are not currently tested for emissions in the MOT test, even though they use petrol or diesel some of the time, so the first change to make perhaps should be to include hybrid emissions testing.”

Under current rules, electric cars skip the emissions and noise checks. Stricter rules for diesel emissions were brought in by the DVSA in 2018. Drivers now receive a “Major” fault in the MOT test if the garage sees smoke coming out of the exhaust – no matter what colour. A car also fails if there is evidence of the Diesel Particulate Filter being tampered with.

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