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Tyres wear out or get damaged and inevitably will need replacing at some point. Below are some concerns with choosing part worn replacement tyres for your vehicle.

For your safety, the Car Clinic only sells brand new tyres from leading manufacturers with their full warranty. If you are considering purchasing part worn or used tyres please read our Blog below, apart from safety concerns, you may be surprised to find that part worn tyres and used tyres can end up costing more than new ones.

Why would you choose part worn tyres?

There are 2 main reasons to choose part worn tyres:

  • They are cheaper to purchase than new tyres
  • The recycle or reuse argument.

Although these points may seem like a win-win, there are some major concerns with using part worn tyres.

Reasons to avoid using part worn tyres

Part Worn Tyres

When purchasing part worn tyres or used tyres, make sure you know how old they are, According DfT tyre age regulations It is illegal to use them if more than 10 years old on the front axle of a  Commercial Vehicle, Buses and Coaches, and on the front and rear axles of a Minibus.  

To find out the age of a part worn tyre please see our DOT code explained page here


There are heavy penalties for  having a part worn tyre over 10 years old on these vehicles

Penalties for misuse are:

  • fixed penalty notices
  • fines
  • driving licence penalty points
  • disqualification from driving

The maximum fine is Level 5, a potentially unlimited amount in England and Wales, but capped at £5,000 in Scotland.

Safety concerns

  • Many people ask us “are part worn tyres safe ?” and also “are used tyres safe?” Please read on to find out.
  • One of the biggest reasons not to use part worn tyres or used tyres is the hidden defects or damage that can be present compromising the tyre’s structure. This often leads to tyre failure and a subsequent loss of control.
  • High levels of wear and tear can also cause the rubber to become brittle. This then leads to cracking or sudden failure also, resulting in loss of control.
  • There are also issues relating to insurance. Using part worn tyres can invalidate your car insurance policy, this can lead to significant financial loss and even a very uncomfortable court appearance!

Always purchase your new tyres from a reputable dealer such as The Car Clinic Ellesmere in Port. Their staff will assess the current situation and make recommendations that won’t break the bank or put you on the wrong side of the law.

Please watch this short video about the pitfalls of using Part Worn tyres, and how it changed one man’s life forever

More Reasons to not use part worn tyres

Shorter lifespan

When you buy used tyres you also need to be aware that they will have a shorter remaining lifespan compared to new tyres and subsequently will require more frequent replacements. This factor can actually make part worn tyres less economical than new tyres.

Unknown history of the tyre

The driving history of your tyre is unknown. This includes how they were used, what type of vehicle they were used on, or how they were maintained. Certain tyre types are designed for specific vehicles based on safety requirements.

Improper storage can affect the quality of the tyres, leading to punctures or other damage which can lead to issues in the strength and durability of the tyre.

Buying new tyres from a trusted dealer ensures they are suitable for your car, unused, and well-maintained for optimal performance and safety.

Compromised performance of the tyre

Tread depth is very important and anything less than optimal will reduce their ability to provide grip in wet or slippery conditions. You have to decide if the risk of skidding or losing control of the vehicle is really worth it.

legal requirements for Part worn tyres

Although legally, part worn tyres must meet strict legal requirements in order to be sold, there is no guarantee that they have been checked or tested by a professional technician to ensure they meet these standards.

Reduced fuel efficiency

Uneven wear patterns can lead to increased rolling resistance and reduced fuel efficiency. This increase in fuel costs could offset the savings made by not using new tyres.

Hidden tyre damage

Hidden defects or damage can compromise the tyre’s structure, increasing the risk of a blowout or tyre failure. Although the defects may be checked for, not all are obvious and could be missed.

Increased noise from the tyre

Uneven wear patterns or damage to the tread may produce more noise than new tyres.

Difficulty finding a matching set of tyres with even tread

It can be challenging to find a matching set of part worn tyres with the same tread pattern, size, and age. Mismatched tyres and wear patterns can lead to increased wear.

There can be a higher risk of punctures

Less tread depth remaining means they are more susceptible to punctures and damage from debris on the road.

Limited warranty or no warranty at all

Part worn tyres are often sold without a warranty or guarantee, requiring you to bear the cost of any repairs or replacements if they fail prematurely.

Buying part worn tyres can be a false economy

Although part worn tyres may seem like a more affordable option initially, they pose risks to safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

  • No warranty, if they explode in a few months, that’s just a case of hard luck!
  • MOT… hidden defects from an accident or misuse could only show up when you get an MOT and only then do you realise you’ve wasted your money.
  • Safety – would you buy part worn brakes?
  • Used tyres may not balance properly or wear out faster- due to defects
  • Used tyres may not track properly or wear out faster due to defects

But are retreaded tyres a better option?

Perhaps not as much as you’d imagine. We did a little research and have furnished some of the concerns people have with buying retreaded tyres.

The downsides of retreaded tyres

Retreading is not always a suitable solution

Retreading can be an option for haulage companies with a large fleet of vehicles but less so for domestic use vehicles.

The thinking behind this is that the materials are much thinner on a car tyre than with a tyre on an HGV making them not as suitable for retreading.

Some car insurance companies do not consider retreads safe and do not recommend their use in passenger vehicles due to:

Potential instability at high speed

  • Potentially inferior wet grip, durability and braking performance
  • Inability to know precisely how often a tyre has been retreaded and under what conditions it has been driven.
  • Retreaded tyres for passenger vehicles must have a minimum speed rating of 140 km/h, and the original casing used must have a minimum rating of 180 km/h.

Retreaded tyres are created by applying a new layer of tread onto a used tyre casing. This process serves the purpose of reducing manufacturing costs and using fewer resources which is a good thing. However, some experts suggest that retreaded tyres are more prone to failure than new tyres, which can be a serious safety concern.

Reduced lifespan

Retreaded tyres have a shorter lifespan than new tyres. This is because they are created using a used tyre casing, which may already have signs of wear and tear. As a result, retreaded tyres may need to be replaced more frequently than new tyres, which can be more costly in the long run.

Investing in new tyres from a reputable dealer provides better performance, safety, and durability.

The Car Clinic Ellesmere Port Garage can provide all the information you need for part worn tyres and used tyres. We have the experience and know-how to help keep you on the road safely, please call us on 0151 339 0101 for more details.

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