Night Time Driving Tips

Dark roads, poor visibility, and glare from artificial lighting can all be problems associated with night time driving. According to the National Safety Council, the risk of an accident is three times more at night. Read our night time driving tips to avoid adding to these statistics.

Night Time Driving Tips

Here are some suggestions of precautions to take that help you stay safe on dark roads.

Have you had your eyes tested?

Can your vision handle night-time driving? Get your eyes checked by an optician to make sure you do not need glasses for driving.

Coping with headlight glare

Glare from headlights can be distracting. The best way to deal is not to look into the oncoming traffic directly. Watch the left-hand side of the road, using the kerb as your guide.

Clean your windscreen

You may not notice it during the day, but greasy build-ups will increase glare and distort your vision. Clean both inside and outside.

Stay Awake

The danger of falling asleep at the wheel is greater at night. It accounts for 20% of serious accidents on UK motorways. Before even getting in the car make sure you’re well-rested and take a break regularly.

Check your bulbs

It’s illegal to drive a car with a blown bulb – and not just a headlight. Check your bulbs regularly and keep a spare bulb kit in the car. They are available from all good garages and can be a godsend if a bulb blows when all the shops are closed.

Consider Pass Plus

Inexperienced drivers will find driving at night more challenging. To build up your confidence, there is a driving course called Pass Plus, which includes modules on night driving.

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