New Rules For Towing Trailers and Caravans

Having your annual holiday in the UK is undoubtedly easier than going abroad, but there are some new rules for towing trailers and caravans coming into force soon to consider…

New Rules For Towing Trailers and Caravans

The UK’s roads have been filled with caravans as British holidaymakers choose a staycation instead of a foreign holiday. Here are some significant changes coming in this Autumn that will affect caravan owners.

New Caravan Rules Summarised

  • If you passed your driving test for cars after 1st January 1997, you will be allowed to tow trailers up to 3,500kg when the new laws come in.
  • The DVLA will update your driving licence record, adding category BE when you next get a new photocard driving licence. You do not need to get in contact with the DVLA. It will be done automatically.
  • The date of the law change has not yet been confirmed.
  • Car and trailer driving tests will stop before the law changes. You cannot book or take a car and trailer driving test after 20th September 2021.

What you can do until the law changes

Until the law changes in autumn 2021, you must continue to follow the current rules about what you can tow.

  • You could be fined £1,000, be banned from driving and get 6 penalty points on your licence if you are caught towing anything heavier before the new law comes in.
  • To tow anything heavier you must be supervised. Whilst being supervised, you must:
    • display L plates on the car and the trailer.
    • be accompanied by someone who’s at least 21 years old who has held category BE on their driving licence for over three years.

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