New Number Plate Changes

New number plate rules come into force this month. Drivers are urged to prepare so they can drive their cars on European roads.

Number Plate Changes

The new rules come into force on September 28th. They will require British drivers to make changes to their number plates. Before Britain left the EU, British number plates had a circle of EU stars with the letters “GB” written underneath. A year after Brexit, the Transport Secretary revealed a redesigned number plate design that incorporated a Union Flag emblem.

The UN has announced that the “GB” designation – which had been in place for over 100 years – is now being replaced with a “UK” designation, including Northern Ireland for the first time. A new magnet or sticker can be bought online, at the post office, or in a garage. You can even apply to have a new UK number plate made which complies with the new rules.

Failing to adhere to the new rules could lead to you being refused entry to Europe. Depending on whether your number plate has a GB identifier and the Union Jack, the Euro symbol or a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales, different rules will apply. You could need to display a UK sticker if your number plate has only numbers and letters on it – and not a flag or other identifier. If you’re planning to drive your car in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, you’ll have to display a UK sticker or magnet at all times, no matter what else is on your number plate.

This change is the latest rule change to come in during the past year, with perhaps the most significant being new rules about how the letters on the number plate are shown, making them easier to be read by police cameras.

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